Shoulder & Elbow Videos for Patients

Elbow: Total Elbow Replacement

Dr. Frederick Matsen and his patient discuss the diagnosis, surgery and post-operative care for total elbow replacement surgery. Surgical footage is included.


Shoulder Surgery: Ream & Run Humeral Hemiarthroplasty

Dr. Matsen demonstrates an educational Ream & Run Humeral Hemiarthroplasty surgery. 

Shoulder Surgery: Ream and Run

Dr. Matsen is the pioneer of a procedure called a "ream and run"; an alternative to a traditional shoulder replacement surgery.

Shoulder: The Art of Restoring Function

Dr. Matsen discusses surgery for the "big three" problems of the shoulder in this video.

Shoulder: Reverse Delta Shoulder Replacement

Dr. Matsen discusses a new and innovative shoulder replacement surgery featuring a reverse ball/socket technique that can lessen pain and improve function in shoulders with failed surgery or combined arthritis, rotator cuff tears and instability 

Shoulder surgery: Shoulder Replacement For Active People

Dr. Matsen discusses a new and innovative shoulder replacement surgery designed for adults living an active life.

Shoulder: The Athlete's Shoulder - Leading Edge Surgical Repair

Dr. Winston Warme develops innovative new surgical procedures to help their patients heal quickly and with enough mobility to continue their active lifestyles after surgery.

Shoulder: Total Shoulder Replacement: Partnership with the Patient

Dr. Matsen and Sarah Jackins, physical therapist with the UW Bone and Joint Center, discuss shoulder surgery with an emphasis on patient involvement in this video.