Videos for Patients

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Patient Success Stories Playlist

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Hip and Knee Rehab

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Shoulder Arthritis

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Shoulder Exercises

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Harborview - The Trauma Story

A film produced by Pivotal Productions, LLC, documenting the story of how Seattle came to the forefront of trauma care.

Foot & Ankle

Ankle: Surgical Treatment for Ankle Arthritis / Total Ankle
Drs. Sangeorzan and Hansen review surgical options for patients with ankle arthritis, including ankle fusion and total ankle replacement (ankle arthroplasty).

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Hand: Hand and Microsurgery Team
This Inside Access TV program features UW Medicine's Orthopedic and Sports Medicine surgeons. We take a behind-the-scenes look at Drs. Doug Hanel, Thomas Trumble and Nicholas Vedder as they work with patients suffering from stiff elbow, radius malunion, carpal tunnel syndrome and thumb arthritis.

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Hip & Knee

Hip: Minimally Invasive Total Hip Replacement
Hip replacement surgery techniques are evolving quickly. Dr. Manner and his patient review the surgery performed to replace her hip. This relatively new and innovative total hip replacement surgery features minimally-invasive techniques.

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Limbs & Tumors

Limb: Preserving Limbs and Surviving Limb Loss: Resuming an Active and Productive Life
Dr. Douglas G. Smith, UW professor, talks about the remarkable enhancements in prevention, prosthetics, rehabilitation and patient care with advancing function for the amputee or preserving a limb at risk. 

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Shoulder & Elbow

Elbow: Total Elbow Replacement
Dr. Matsen and his patient discuss the diagnosis, surgery and post-operative care for total elbow replacement surgery. Surgical footage is included.

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Spine: Back in Action
At UW Medicine Sports and Spine Physicians at the University of Washington Medical Center, Dr. Marla Kaufman treated Jonathan with a combination of steroid injections and physical therapy, enabling him to return to an active lifestyle.

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Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine: Common Running Injuries
Dr. O'Kane and Lori Sabado, physical therapist at the UW Sports Medicine Clinic, discuss running injuries and conservative management in this video. 

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