Sports Medicine Videos for Patients

Sports Medicine: Common Running Injuries

Dr. John O'Kane and Lori Sabado, physical therapist at the UW Sports Medicine Clinic, discuss running injuries and conservative management in this video. 


Sports Medicine: UW Sports Medicine For Every Athlete

UW Sports Medicine Clinic physicians discuss the team approach they take in treating their most physically active patients - from Olympic medalists to Husky athletes, professional dancers to weekend warriors. This University of Washington program profiles these athletes and the physicians who help them regain their physical strength and agility. Both surgical and non-surgical approaches are examined.


The Athletes Shoulder, Leading Edge Surgical Repair 

For UW Medicine physician Dr. Winston Warme, it's the time he spends in the lab that truly makes a difference to his patients. Warme develops innovative new surgical procedures to help his patients heal quickly and with enough mobility to continue their active lifestyles after surgery. Follow along as Dr. Warme, an orthopaedic surgeon at UW Medical Center's Bone and Joint Surgery Center, uses new techniques to help two very active athletes with broken collarbones get back in the game.


Treating Meniscus Tears

It's estimated that knee injuries account for one-third of all medical visits in the United States. Physicians with the University of Washington Medical Center work to correctly diagnose and individually treat patients with a wide array of knee injuries, including torn ligaments, runner's knee and meniscus tears. After telemark skier Andrew Etringer heard a telltale "pop" in his knee, he visited sports medicine specialist, Dr. Brian J. Krabak. A brace and strengthening exercises were the right course of action for Andrew's bruised meniscus. Competitive tennis player Adam Rogers needed surgery to treat the acute meniscus tear in his knee. Dr. John "Trey" Green performed arthroscopic surgery to ensure Adam would be able to keep his active lifestyle, and physical therapist Dr. Susanne Michaud helped Adam regain mobility and return to the tennis court.


Healthy Lifestyles: A Pain in the Knee

Should you see the doctor for your knee pain? John "Trey" Green, M.D., an orthopaedic surgeon from the University of Washington Department of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, provides practical tips on caring for your knee and when to seek help.