Orthopaedic Preceptorships for First and Second Year Students

About Preceptorships

Thank you for your interest in an Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Preceptorship. A preceptorship is a mentoring experience in which a practicing physician volunteers to give personal instruction, training, and supervision to a medical student during the first two years of medical school. Preceptorships offer the preclinical student an opportunity to follow a patient over time, to get to know the particular clinical field and to experience a clinical setting over a period of eight weeks. Students report that preceptorships can be an excellent way of preparing for board examinations and clinical training.

Orthopaedic preceptorships are available in autumn, winter, and spring quarters. Students should contact Plinette Sanchez, Medical Education Program Manager at or (206) 744-4927 to inquire about a preceptorship. If you have an interest in an Orthopaedic sub-specialty, please share that interest and your availability in your email. If a preceptorship is available, you will receive the name and email address of one of our faculty or clinical faculty members. Please contact the potential preceptor directly to set-up a schedule. Preceptorships are offered at UWMC, HMC, the VA, Seattle Children's and in Seattle and on the Eastside. Once a preceptorship is confirmed, you will be provided with the faculty ADD code so you can register for the course. Students may not start a preceptorship without first being registered through the University.

Students must register for each preceptorship course prior to the registration deadline through MYUW. In most cases, students will need both an SLN number and a faculty code to register. 

Students need to fulfill this ~32-hour graduation requirement by scheduling a minimum of 8 four-hour sessions over eight weeks during one of the first three quarters (two semesters at WWAMI sites) of medical school.

  • Students need to plan to travel outside of the University to complete preceptorships. Preceptors are limited.
  • Preceptorship availability is limited. Preceptorships are registered on a first come first serve basis.
  • Plan to share your interests and availability, plan to have alternate times & quarters available.
  • UWSOM does not waive late registration fees. Registration deadlines are the same as the upper campus Registration Period II dates which can be found at
  • Information for preceptors is available online (below)

Preceptorship Resources