Fractures & Trauma

2020 Fractures and Trauma Faculty and Fellows


Orthopedic trauma conditions include fractures and dislocations as well as severe soft tissue injuries caused by traumatic events. Common orthopedic traumatic injuries include femoral and tibial shaft fractures, acetabular and pelvic fractures, spine and spinal cord injuries, hand and upper extremity injuries, foot and ankle injuries, among many others. Polytraumatized patients are those unique individuals with numerous skeletal and other primary organ system injuries, usually caused by high energy traumatic events. We coordinate the orthopedic portion of the patient's care with other subspecialties in order to optimize the clinical outcome.

We provide numerous orthopedic services including skeletal realignments and stabilizations using closed, percutaneous, external, and internal fixation techniques. Similarly, we treat associated soft tissue injuries using a variety of methods. Another of our services is advancing the orthopedic trauma education of physicians and medical personnel--locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. We also provide innovative orthopedic trauma research, which further improves clinical care.