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Question: 10 surgery questions for your surgeon before having surgery


  1. What is my diagnosis?
  2. What is the name of the surgery you propose?
  3. Are you fellowship trained to perform this operation and what has been your personal experience with it in folks like me?
  4. What complications have you and others experienced with this procedure?
  5. What are the usual results of this operation in your hands?
  6. What are the alternatives to surgery?
  7. What is the likelihood that I will have lingering pain, limitations or disability after recovery, and how severe might those symptoms be if they are present?
  8. What special care, rehabilitation will I require for the period after surgery?
  9. How long is it likely to be before I can return home, return to work, return to my recreational activities?
  10. Do you consider me a good candidate for this surgery in your hands?