Current Residents Portal & Digital Curriculum

UW Orthopaedic Surgery Resident Portal

Resident portal screenshot

The Department of Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine and the UW Orthopaedic Surgery Residents have created the Resident Portal (accessible only to current Orthopaedic residents). It provides a centralized repository of digital content as part of the Residency's Digital Curriculum – all easily accessible and in one location.

Materials include:

  • -Practice OITE Questions and Lectures
  • -The new standardized intern curriculum
  • -Key Articles and Recommended Reading
  • -Service specific Signout Guides
  • -Quick Links
  • -Resident Research Assets

Department Computing Resources for Residents

All current UW Orthopaedic Surgery Residents receive department issued resources - all part of the UW Orthopaedic Residency's Digital Curriculum Initiative.

-Ebooks for each Orthopaedic Specialty
-Orthopaedic and Medical Apps
-Note Taking, Productivity, and Collaboration Tools
-Secure Access to Hospital EMR and PACS Radiology systems
-Direct access to UW Ortho Resident Portal and content
-Subscription to Residency Calendar of events

Content reviewed regularly and updated throughout residency by the Digital Curriculum Committee.