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Hip & Knee Patient Videos

Preparing for Surgery

Are you considering knee or hip replacement surgery?  Watch one of our Hip and Knee Replacement Pre-Op classes below. This class is offered to all of our hip and knee replacement patients and will help you learn what to expect if you are considering or planning on hip or knee replacement suregery.

Pre-Op Class Handouts

Post-Op Rehabilitataion Exercises

See more Knee and Hip Rehabilitation Exercise videos on our Youtube channel.

Minimally Invasive Joint Replacement Surgery (5 part playlist)

Dr. Seth Leopold discusses less-invasive knee and hip replacement surgery. A patient who had minimally-invasive knee replacement joins Dr. Leopold to share his experiences. Minimally-invasive partial knee replacement surgery results in faster recovery and less post-operative pain than traditional knee replacement. Newer hip replacement approaches are offered as minimally invasive, but some of those claims are more marketing than science.

Hip and Knee Videos

Our Youtube channel hosts a variety of videos about Hip and Knee conditions and procedures.  Hear from our doctors and patients themselves and learn more about your condition, procedures we perform, and how to prepare for and recover from surgery. View our hip and knee videos in the embedded playlist below or on our Youtube channel.