Research Projects

Women in Space

Our team will be conducting another parabolic flight experiment with the NASA Flight Opportunities Program at Ellington Field (Johnson Space Center) during April 2014. Watch for updates!

Knee Injuries

New robotic experiments exploring the function of ligaments are nearing completion. Watch for updates!

Reducing Impact in Women Distance Runners

Robotic System to Study Injuries and Surgical Treatments of Musculoskeletal Systems

robotic system

The Orthopaedic Robotics Laboratory investigates the mechanical interaction between bones, ligaments, muscles and joints using robotic systems. These systems have the ability to create various physiological/biomechanical human joint motions using prescribed joint coordinate systems using position and/or force feedback. We are currently focusing on; 1) anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) mechanics through the entire physiological envelop of knee kinematics, 2) the influence of tibial plateau convexity on the ACL, and 3) scapholunate ligament reconstruction using an acellular dermal matrix. In addition, we are developing a 3D computer-assisted drill guide navigation system to assist precision bone and joint surgeries. We are supporting our surgeons and residents to develop new surgical techniques and to assess the effectiveness of implants.

Dr. Peter Cavanagh

Peter Cavanagh, PhD, DSc and Mark Harrast, MD discuss research and clinical care for runners.

Video: Running Medicine