Shoulder arthritis: General comments about glenohumeral arthroplasty

Certain points pertain to most types of anatomic shoulder arthroplasty

Shoulder arthritis is not an emergency. The patient and the surgeon have the opportunity to consider the alternatives and the timing. We put up two posts to assist in this consideration: When is it time for a shoulder replacement? and Is surgery the right treatment now? The right question to ask. What about the medications the patient is taking before joint replacement?

Before embarking on shoulder replacement, it is important to consider the patient factors that may affect the outcome. One of these is the expectations of the patient.

In addition to the patient factors, the skill and characteristics of the surgeon also have a strong effect on the outcome.

In considering the surgical options, managing the glenoid side of glenohumeral arthritis is key: see glenoid retroversion and the glenoid - the key to shoulder arthroplasty as is the method for restoring roundness to the the humeral head and fixation of the humerus with impaction grafting.

Our surgical technique, step by step:

After surgery:


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