Shoulder arthritis: Obtaining a Consultation

Shoulder arthritis consultation for those who live away from Seattle

We often receive requests for consultation from individuals with shoulder arthritis or problems with previous shoulder joint replacements who live a long ways from Seattle.

While we cannot give medical advice without examining the shoulder "in person", we're willing to take a look at the medical records and x-rays to determine whether an evaluation in Seattle for a possible surgical reconstruction might be of benefit (we do not, however, offer medical-legal opinions). The two x-ray views that are most helpful in this regard are shown here. If a consultation is desired regarding the possible need for surgical reconstruction, the records and x-ray images along with return contact information (phone, address, email) can be sent to:

Shoulder Arthritis Consultation
c/o Mr Westerberg
Box 356500
Department of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine
BB1015 Health Sciences Bldg.,
1959 N.E. Pacific St.
Seattle, Washington 98195