Checklist for Grant Submission

Checklist for Grant Proposal Submission

*Timing is referenced to Day t as the published deadline for grant submission.






Submit an IRB application if sponsoring agency requires submitted or approved application prior to submission

Kimberlee Moomey


NIH and NSF grants do not require IRB submissions ahead of time. They require what is called a "just in time" policy. See this link for details


When considering your research, consult the Environment Health & Safety (EH&S) guide for PIs. Proper protocol for dealing with things like hazardous chemicals and animal subjects are explained.


EH&S website, under Research Planning

Animal Use Training Program

IACUC forms


Ensure that you have access to SAGE (try logging in at the link supplied). If you cannot, then contact Tom Zorich for access.

Tom Zorich

Karl Engdahl

SAGE (System to Administer Grants Electronically) Homepage

t-30 days

Determine if any investigators have Significant Financial Interest (SFI)


Read GIM10 SFI Disclosure policy

t-30 days

If there is SFI, e-route completed GIM 10 Exhibit A (SFI Disclosure form) and Confidential Letter for signatures

*This will need to be done for every proposal, even if the SFI is the same


GIM 10 Exhibit A SFI Disclosure Form

See here for GIM10 e-routing instructions.

See here for GIM10 Revised Policy. All PHS funded investigators are required to take Financial Conflicts of Interest Training.

t-30 days

Request letters of support from collaborators or supplies of key components



t-14 days

Create a new eGC1 (electronic Grants and Contracts form 1) in SAGE. Common documents that should be uploaded and attached to the eGC1 are: Award Proposal from sponsor, GIM 10 exhibit A documents (if there is SFI), detailed budget, budget justification, relevant email correspondences.

Tom Zorich

Karl Engdahl

Adelia Yee, Interim OSP Grants Administrator for Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine

Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) Website
Creating the online eGC1

SAGE (System to Administer Grants Electronically) Homepage

t-10 days*

Route the completed eGC1 by clicking the "Complete" button. You may still be able to modify the narrative up to t-5 days but all business and regulatory details need to be finalized at this point

eGC1 is automatically routed to:

  1. PI (if different preparer)
  2. Department
  3. Dean’s Office
  4. OSP

*OSP requires at least 7 BUSINESS DAYS before sponsor deadline to receive a completed eGC1

Deadlines for Proposals
GIM 19

t-5 days*

Submit final application in complete form ready for submission to the sponsor to OSP. OSP will ensure everything fits the requirements of the proposal and send to sponsor

*OSP requires PI to confirm at least 3 BUSINESS DAYS before sponsor deadline that the complete package is in “Ready for Submission” form. Effectively this means that the narrative is complete because all other components need to be final at t-10 days.

Deadlines for Proposals
GIM 19

t-1 days

If required by Sponsor, PI mails paper copy (copies) of application provided by OSP with signed letter from Lynn Chronister with today’s postmark



For all other questions or concerns, please contact:

Kimberlee Moomey, Research Compliance Coordinator
Tom Zorich, Manager of Operations
Karl Engdahl, Associate Director of Finance & Operations

For a downloadable version, click here.