Dr. Sagar Chawla, (R5) Presents Research Poster at AOFAS Annual Meeting in Charlotte

Dr. Sagar Chawla (R5)

Dr. Sagar Chawla (R5) attended the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society's  (AOFAS) Annual Meeting in Charlotte, NC earlier this week to present a research poster detailing the findings of the study: Factors Associated with Surgical Success of End Stage Ankle Arthritis with Minimum 4-year Follow-up. Dr. Chawla was a co-author of the study along with UW Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine faculty Dr. Bruce Sangeorzan and William LeDoux, PhD.

Their research examined the factors that lead to successful surgical outcomes between total ankle arthroplasty vs. ankle arthrodesis. Previous studies have demonstrated better patient reported outcomes following total ankle arthroplasty compared to ankle arthrodesis. However, there are conflicting data about which factors are associated with with successful outcomes with either surgery.

Dr. Chawla and team's research found that female patients and patients who had not had prior surgery reported better outcomes with total ankle arthroplasty.  Mental health and pre-operative radiographic measurements were not associated with successful outcomes.

Dr. Sagar Chawla (R5) presenting research poster at the AOFAS 2021 Annual Meeting in Charlotte, NC
Dr. Sagar Chawla (R5) and his research poster at the AOFAS 2021 Annual Meeting in Charlotte, NC.