Clinical Experience


University of Washington Combined Hand Fellowship 3-Month Clinical Rotations

UWMC - Huang/Iannuzzi

Monday - NWH OR (Kennedy)
Tuesday - UWMC Roosevelt Clinic (Huang)
Wednesday - UW Roosevelt OR (1st/3rd: Iannuzzi, 2nd/4th: Miller)
Thursday - UW Roosevelt OR (Huang)
Friday - 1st/3rd: HMC WISH, Cadaver in AM; Roosevelt Clinic in PM

HMC/SCH I - Friedrich/Kennedy

Monday - HMC OR (Friedrich)
Tuesday - SCH Clinic AM; SCH OR PM
Wednesday - HMC Clinic (Kennedy)
Thursday - HMC WISH in AM; HMC Clinic in PM (Friedrich)
Friday - HMC OR (Kennedy)

HMC/SCH II - Hanel

Monday - HMC Clinic
Tuesday - SCH Bellevue Clinic
Wednesday - HMC OR
Thursday - SCH Bellevue OR
Friday - HMC WISH, Cadaver/Research

UWMC/HMC - Vedder/Kao

Monday - HMC Clinic (Vedder)
Tuesday - HMC OR (Vedder vs. Miller)
Wednesday - NWH Clinic AM (Kao), UWMC Clinic PM (Vedder)
Thursday - HMC OR (Kao)
Friday - NWH OR AM (Kao), HMC Clinic PM (Miller)

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Operative Experience

Please see our Program Summary Report for statistics on the number and types of cases our fellows and residents are typically involved in.