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Preceptorship information

To begin the planning process for preceptorships please read the information below and then contact the Department of Orthopaedics' Preceptorship Coordinator
 at or 206/744-4927. 

Once you have been assigned to a preceptor, the class title is: 
ORTHP 505P and is 1 credit.  
The SLN is: 17216


About Preceptorships:

*content as found on the UWSOM Preceptorship website*

Preceptorship: a period of training under a preceptor.

Preceptor: a practicing physician who volunteers to give personal instruction, training, and supervision to a medical student.

A preceptorship experience during the first two years of medical school is a ‘mentoring experience’. During a preclinical preceptorship it is hoped that students will have the opportunity to follow a patient over time.

UWSOM Preceptorship courses are available for UWSOM medical students only and are not available for visiting and non-matriculated UWSOM medical students.

For UWSOM medical students who are completing their first year in Eastern Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Alaska, preceptorships are scheduled through the FCM course. For students completing their first year at the Seattle campus and for second year students the following information applies:

Students can complete an elective preceptorship alongside their Primary Care Practicum during the first two years of the basic science curriculum. Enrollment in a preceptorship is distributed throughout Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters

Students should begin the planning of a preceptorship by contacting the department of interest in advance (by the end of the previous quarter) with the exception of Autumn quarter where the preceptorship may be set up the first week of Autumn Quarter. Each department has a Preceptorship Coordinator who can help students connect with a preceptor in their field of interest and provide a faculty code for registration. Students may not start a preceptorship without first being registered through the University; insurance, safety, and liability are of utmost concern.

Students must register for each preceptorship course prior to the registration deadline through MYUW. In most cases, students will need both an SLN number and a faculty code to register.  These should be requested through the preceptorship coordinator.

Students are encouraged to take preceptorships during their first and second years in primary care or specialty fields to gain more knowledge of different medical pathways.

  • Students can fulfill this ~32-hour by scheduling a minimum of 8 four-hour sessions over eight weeks during one of the first three quarters (two semesters at WWAMI sites) of medical school.
  • Students need to plan to travel outside of the University to complete preceptorships. Preceptors are limited.
  • Specific departmental requirements are available through the department preceptorship coordinator. Availability within each department is limited. Preceptorships are registered on a first come first serve basis.
  • When contacting the preceptorship coordinator, plan to share your interests and availability, plan to have alternate times & quarters available.
  • UWSOM does not waive late registration fees. Registration deadlines are the same as the upper campus Registration Period II dates which can be found at .

Preceptorship guides are available online (below) as well as from the department preceptorship coordinator.

Preceptorship Resources: