Balancing AO Principles in Calcaneous Fractures

March 5, 2014 Grand Rounds: Balancing AO Principles in Calcaneous Fractures

Timothy B. Alton, MD
Stephen K. Benirschke, MD
Bruce J. Sangeorzan, MD

The calcaneus, also known as the heel bone, is responsible for transmitting the majority of the body's weight from the talus bone to the ground. Nearly every aspect of the management of complex calcaneus fractures is controversial. The anatomy of the calcaneus is complicated and treatment of fractures in this bone requires a comprehensive understanding of its anatomy, common fracture patterns, and displacement. An accurate reduction is essential to good patient outcomes. Treatment options include closed management, an extensile lateral open approach and the mini-open technique. This presentation highlights the indications for each technique, compares and contrasts their strengths and weaknesses, and provides case examples with discussion from some of the leaders in the field of calcaneus fracture management.