Dr. Mia Hagen Discusses the Olympics and Provides Tips for Skiers to Avoid Injuries

Dr. Mia Hagen
Assistant Professor

With abundant snow in the Cascades and the arriival of the Winter Olympics, it's a good time to think about safety on the slopes.

Most of the snow at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beiing is artificial and that could pose an increased safety risk for participating athletes says Dr. Mia Hagen, Assistant Professor and orthopaedic surgeon at the Sports Medicine Clinic at Husky Stadioum.  Artificial snow produces an icier and harder snow and increased speeds which could result in more serious injuries.

Conditions at locak ski resorts won't be a trecherous but record snowfall has ski resorts crowded and it's a good time to review some skiing safety tips.

In the video below, Dr. Mia Hagen provides some tips to avoid injury when skiing.