Mia S. Hagen, M.D.

Assistant Professor
Stadium Clinic Surgical Director

Yale University
Medical School
University of California, San Francisco
University of California, San Francisco
Cleveland Clinic (Sports Medicine)

Dr. Hagen is a sports medicine surgeon at the University of Washington, a specialist in hip arthroscopy and hip preservation. She performs minimally-invasive surgery for athletic injuries, with a particular specialty in hip arthroscopy, knee injuries (ligament tears, cartilage preservation, meniscus tears), and injuries of young athletes.

She is an Assistant Professor within the Department of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine at the University of Washington, the Surgical Director of the Sports Medicine Center at Husky Stadium, and she serves as a team physician for the University of Washington Husky Athletics. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Yale University magna cum laude, followed by medical school and orthopaedic surgery residency training at the University of California San Francisco. She then completed a fellowship in sports medicine at the Cleveland Clinic. Her extensive team experience includes working with the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers, the MLB Cleveland Indians, NCAA DIII football, basketball, wrestling, lacrosse, and track and field at Baldwin-Wallace University, the MiLB Mahoning Valley Scrappers, and the San Francisco Golden Gate Rugby Club.

Dr. Hagen enjoys working with athletes of all ages, levels, and sports to get them back on the field. She is an active member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy Association of North America, American Orthopaedic Association Emerging Leaders Program, Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society, and the International Society for Hip Arthroscopy. She is a board member for the Washington State Orthopaedic Association.

Patient Care Philosophy

I love being a part of the University of Washington Sports Medicine Center at Husky Stadium. Our goal is to return the injured athlete – whether (s)he be a weekend warrior or professional competitor -- to the field. This type of care requires coordination by the physician, physical therapist, athletic trainer, physician assistant, and most importantly, the patient. The UW Sports Medicine Center provides a “one-stop shop” with cutting-edge diagnostic, surgical and non-surgical services. We enjoy working together to restore patients to their active lifestyles.

Clinical Interests

Learn more about hip arthroscopy in our patient article.

Personal Interests

I enjoy playing the cello, snowboarding, backpacking, ultimate frisbee, and spending quality time with my family, friends, and dog.


Solving Hip Pain: Surgical and Non-Surgical Options

Patient Documents

Pre-Op Instructions

Knee Arthroscopy - A Patient's Guide

Hip Arthroscopy - A Patient's Guide

ACL Injury - A Patient's Guide


Post-Op Instructions

ACL & Meniscus Repair - Initial Postoperative Instructions

ACL Reconstruction - Initial Postoperative Instructions

Hip Arthroscopy - Initial Postoperative Instructions

Knee Arthroscopy - Initial Postoperative Instructions

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Surgeries and Diagnosis

Surgeries Performed:

  • Arthroscopic and minimally-invasive surgery of the knee and hip
  • Hip labral repair and reconstruction, osteoplasty
  • Trochanteric bursectomy, hip tendon releases, hip abductor repair
  • Knee ligament surgery
  • Knee meniscal transplantation
  • Cartilage repair and transplantation
  • Patellofemoral realignment
  • Corrective osteotomies about the knee

Diagnoses Treated:

  • Hip Impingement
  • Hip Labral tears
  • Trochanteric bursitis
  • Snapping Hip
  • Knee ligament injuries (ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL)
  • Revision knee and hip surgery
  • Meniscal tears and deficiency
  • Patellar instability
  • Knee cartilage defects in the young athlete

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Dr. Hagen's current research is focused on hip preservation, knee injuries, and surgeon education. Many of her projects focus on patient outcomes. A few of her current funded projects include:

Post-operative Hip Brace Trial
Dr. Hagen received a grant from the CLEAR center to support a randomized controlled trial that studies the benefit of wearing a brace after minimally-invasive hip surgery for hip impingement. Her research is among the first of its kind in this topic and will help guide hip arthroscopy surgeons on the best way to care for patients after surgery.


Reliability of Low-Cost Skills Modules in Improving Resident Surgical Skills
Dr. Hagen is passionate about education and was given the WISH Innovations in Simulation Award to fund the development of take-home modules for resident education. Working closely with a senior resident at UW who helped design and build these modules, Dr. Hagen is studying whether these modules allow first-year residents to develop necessary skills for orthopaedic surgery, which would better prepare them for real-life surgical experiences.

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