Scott Telfer, EngD, Awarded Patent for Metatarsophalangeal Arthroscopy Implant

Scott Telfer, EngD, CoRE Lab Director, and Professor Emeritus Peter Cavanagh, PhD, have been awarded a patent for a metatarsophalangeal arthroscopy implant and related methods.

Little attention has been paid to designing implants for the great toe joint compared to, for example, the knee and hip. Additionally, existing implants for the toe have high rates of loosening and failure. With this new UW implant Dr. Telfer and the CoRE Lab propose a new method of securing the implant in place that will hopefully lead to greater longevity.

This new implant and related methods are still in the early stages of development and the CoRE Lab has received funding from the NIH to carry out the next steps and will be performing cadaver- and computational-based simulations in the next year to optimize the design.

Congratulations to Dr. Telfer and the CoRE Lab team!

Scott Telfer, EngD.
Scott Telfer, EngD
Research Assistant Professor
CoRE Lab Director
Peter Cavanaugh, PhD
Peter Cavanagh, PhD
Professor Emeritus