Residents attend lecture and SIGN instruments demonstration with Dr. Lewis Zirkle

Dr. Lewis Zirkle, founder of the SIGN group, was in Seattle Wednesday night for a presenation and SIGN instruments demonstation with Orthopaedic Residents.

Dr. Zirkle shared his experiences working with the SIGN group providing orthopedic care in developing countries and then joined the residents for a hands-on demonstration of SIGN instruments.

The SIGN group is a non-profit corporation based in Washington state that provides training and orthopedic implants to developing nations as well as providing medical assistance in response to international disasters.

The SIGN group designs, manufactures and distributes the SIGN IM Nail System.  The SIGN IM Nail System is comprised of intramedullary nails (implants) held in place with interlocking screws.  The implants are uniquely designed for use in facilities that do not have C-arms (real-time x-ray intra-operatively) or power equipment.

This lecture and sawbones lab was a great follow-up to November's Grand Rounds (Orthopaedic Care in the Developing World). Turnout was great and Dr. Zirkle's presentation was a wonderful opportunity for residents to learn more about providing orthopedic care in developing nations.

Learn more about the SIGN group.

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