New Hire Paperwork

Welcome to the University of Washington, Department of Orthopaedics!
-Here you will find all of the paperwork you need to fill out and return to finish off your employment process.

Direct Deposit Paperwork
I-9 Form
Privacy, Confidentiality, and Information Security Agreement
Department Personal Information Form

On-boarding checklist for newly hired Classified and Professional Staff

 Pre – appointment

  • Thoroughly review appointment letter.  Make sure you’re aware of: terms and conditions of employment, job duties/expectations, performance appraisals, work schedules, break over-time, time and leave reporting, paydays, types of leave and accrual rates, how to request time off, etc.
  • Sign appointment letter if you concur
  • Complete payroll paperwork and submit to your supervisor

Post – appointment (after you receive confirmation from your manager and/or the payroll coordinator that your appointment has been entered into the system)

Appointment and site specific checklist (other)

  • If you work in a research environment, you may be required to take additional training.  Please speak to your supervisor.
  • Discuss emergency procedures with your site’s coordinator
  • Set up online FedEx access.  Contact Kathy Nguyen (

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