Diagnosis of Glenohumeral Rheumatoid Arthritis

The necessary and sufficient criteria for the diagnosis of glenohumeral rheumatoid arthritis are:

A. History

  1. American Rheumatologic Association criteria for rheumatoid arthritis
  2. Limited motion and function

B. Physical Examination

  1. Limited glenohumeral motion
  2. Diagnosis is supported by findings of muscle atrophy and weakness and/or bone on bone crepitance

C. Radiographs

  1. Joint space narrowing
  2. Periarticular osteopenia
  3. Diagnosis is supported by the absence of osteophytes and sclerosis
  4. Diagnosis is supported by the presence of periarticular erosions and medial erosion of glenoid.

Figure 1 - Medial erosion of glenoid