Living with Arthritis

Almost all people who have arthritis find that it affects their lives in some way. It can affect their everyday activities, their jobs, their financial resources or their relationships with family and friends.

Arthritis is not easy to live with, but there is much you can do to change, overcome, or cope with the problems it presents. Your doctor and other members of your health care team can recommend medications, special exercises, joint protection techniques and devices, and other self-care activities. Keeping a positive attitude is also important. A positive attitude will let you see solutions to your problems in a better light.

  1. College and Arthritis
  2. Diet and Arthritis
  3. Exercise and Arthritis
  4. Families and arthritis
  5. Fatigue
  6. Frequently Asked Questions about Living with Arthritis
  7. Lab Tests
  8. Managing Arthritis Pain
  9. Pregnancy and Arthritis
  10. Research on Arthritis
  11. Sex and Arthritis
  12. Stress and Arthritis
  13. Travel and Arthritis
  14. Unproven Remedies for Arthritis
  15. Using Joints Wisely
  16. Vocational Rehabilitation
  17. Water Exercises
  18. Work and Arthritis
  19. Working with Your Doctor

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