John Bartoletta, M.D. (R3) Name Outstanding Consultant of the Month at UWMC

John Bartoletta, M.D. (R3)

Dr. John Bartoletta (R3) has been named "Outstanding Consultant of the Month" for the month od December at the University of Washington Medical Center.

Congratulations, Dr. Bartoletta! 

A faculty member recognized Dr. Bartoletta for exhibiting personable communication, recommendations, collaborative work, and efficiency.

From Dr. Bartoletta's nomination:

"I would add that triage algorithms and coverage structures can get complicated at Montlake, and on Friday, Dr. Bartoletta prioritized patient care and collegiality. Recognizing a need, he came to Montlake from a different hospital to provide direct patient care himself and independently lead coordination of care with others. His contributions advanced the care of multiple patients, including move one patient towards discharge on a day the hospital census was extraordinary."