Pelvic Ring Injuries: Evaluation and Management

October 3, 2012 Grand Rounds Video: Evaluation, Management, and Outcomes of Pelvic Ring Injuries

Orthopaedic Surgery Resident
James C. Krieg, MD
M.L. Chip Routt, Jr., MD
Assistant Professor

The seriousness of pelvic injuries and fractueres reflect the role of the pelvis in anchoring critical functions of the spine, nervous system, and vascular system in the human body. Multi-specialty teams can be required to effectively treat the complex nature of these injuries. Using case studies and examples, Drs. Nicholas Iannuzzi, James Krieg, Chip Routt, and Reza Firoozabadi examine pelvic ring injuries and fractures in a trauma setting. These injuries can range from low energy falls (off ladders) to high energy injuries involving motorbike accidents, pedestrian vs. vehicle accidents, and vehicle collisions. These injuries, while occurring in a small segment of the population, can represent up to 15% of admissions in some hospitals. This Grand Rounds focuses on the role of the orthopaedist in restoring stability to the pelvis. The speakers discuss this goal from evaluation and emergency management of trauma to operative fixation, post-operative care, and analyzing outcomes.