Orthopaedic Responsibilities in Child Abuse

December 7, 2011 Grand Rounds Video: Orthopaedic Responsibilities in Child Abuse

Mark Miller, M.D., Orthopaedic Surgery Resident
Thomas Jinguji, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor
Kenneth Feldman, M.D., Clinical Professor

Child abuse is a ubiquitous social and medical problem that remains a prime cause of disability and death among children. As one third of all abused children are eventually seen by an orthopaedic surgeon, this lecture serves to outline the medical and legal responsibilities of surgeons in the evaluation and management of child abuse patients. After an overview of the epidemiology and medical management presented by UW Medicine Orthopaedic Surgery resident, Dr. Mark Miller, Dr. Tom Jinguji from Seattle Children’s discusses specific fracture patterns in child abuse and gives insight into their traumatic mechanisms. Concluding the lecture, Dr. Kenneth Feldman, a pediatrician at Seattle Children’s and child abuse expert, reviews the legal and ethical responsibilities of physicians.