New Approaches to Ankle Arthritis

August 3, 2011 - New Approaches to Ankle Arthritis

This Grand Rounds covers the concept of tissue, or allograft, transplantation as a treatment option for ankle arthritis. Dr. David Patterson, UW Medicine physician, begins the lecture with an overview of the changes in function and mechanics of ankle arthritis, as well as current strategies for treatment. Dr. Chappie Conrad, a UW Medicine Orthopaedic tumor surgeon and a pioneering developer of the Northwest Tissue Bank, offers a historical perspective of allograft transplantation. Finally, Dr. Michael Brage, a UW Medicine Foot and Ankle surgeon, discusses the surgical indications, outcomes, and reasons for failure.

Michael E. Brage, MD, Associate Professor
Ernest "Chappie" Conrad, MD, Professor
David Patterson, MD, Orthopaedic Surgery Resident