Demystifying Physeal Fractures

April 3, 2013 Grand Rounds Video: Demystifying Physeal Fractures

Mark Dales, MD, Associate Professor
Antoinette Lindberg, MD, Assistant Professor
, Orthopaedic Surgery Resident

This episode of Grand Rounds focuses on pediatric orthopaedics, specifically physeal injuries (growth plate injuries) common in childhood. Dr. Ted Sousa discusses the epidemiology, basic science of the growth plate, classification of physeal injuries, as well as the classification and science behind growth arrest. Dr. Antoinette Lindberg, assistant professor of orthopaedics at Seattle Children's, follows with a discussion of the basic principles of the acute management of these injuries and goes into detail about the treatment of the most common fractures. Finally, Dr. Mark Dales, chief of the fracture clinic at Seattle Children's, discusses the chronic management of these injuries with regards to growth arrest, limb deformity, shortening, and disability.