Clavicle Fractures: Controversies

June 2, 2010 Grand Rounds Video: Clavicle Fractures: Controversies

The treatment of midshaft clavicle (collarbone) fractures is controversial. For hundreds of years the mainstay treatment has been nonsurgical. However, recent orthopaedic literature suggests that certain individuals may benefit from surgery. Currently, two types of bone fixation are available: plates/screws and intramedullary nails.

Moderated by Brett Wiater, MD, this lecture reviews these two surgical options, followed by a discussion of case studies with UW Medicine physicians Stephen Benirschke, MD and Winston Warme, MD. Each treatment option has its advantages and disadvantages, but paramount to ensuring a good outcome for the patient is an evaluation by a qualified surgeon. Learn how these orthopedic surgeons at UW Medical Center and Harborview Medical Center are working together to offer patients treatment options.