Dr. Stephen Kennedy Discusses Fireworks Injury Prevention with MSN

Stephen Kennedy, M.D.

An annual tradition for our hand and trauma surgeons leading up to the 4th of July holiday? Unfortunately.

Dr. Stephen Kennedy was interviewed for an article on MSN urging 4th of July revelers to stay safe and leave fireworks to the professionals.

4th of July celebrations in 2020 caused over 200 firework-related injuries across Washington and resulted in UW Medicine performing 42 finger amputations and 2 hand amputations, which they say is relatively typical. Dr. Kennedy told MSN: “The hands are so important to how we interact with others, how we gesture when we're talking, even holding hands with your partner. But it's also how many people make their livelihoods.”

Dr. Kennedy encouraged revelers to take in a public display instead of lighting fireworks themselves.

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