Dr. Jay Yao (R4) Selected for the ORS Clinician Scholar Career Development Program

Jie (Jay) Yao, M.D.

Dr. Jay Yao (R4) has been selected and granted a scholarship to participate in the Orthopaedic Research Society's Clinician Scholar Career Development Program.

Congratulations Dr. Yao!

The Clinician Scholar Career Development Program (CSCDP)is an annual two-day training workshop for orthopaedic residents in their PGY2-PGY5 years, surgeons in fellowships, and junior faculty (through year three) who have the potential and desire to become orthopaedic clinician scholars. Clinician scholars advance the field of orthopaedics through innovative research and peer-reviewed funding.

Program participants seek to enhance the competencies needed for success as both a surgeon and a scientist: scientific knowledge, professionalism, responsible conduct of research, research skill development, management and leadership skills, and communication skills.

Please see the ORS Clinician Scholar Career Development Program site for more information.