Congratulations to our 2022 Graduating Residents!

The 2022 Resident Research Day and Graduation was held on Friday, June 24 and was an extra special occasion for the department. The 2022 Resident Research Day and Graduation was held in person after two years of being held virtually and our keynote speaker was a former UW Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine faculty member, Dr. Chip Routt.

Dr. Routt gave 3 fantastic presentations to our graduating residents. The event also served as a nice reunion with his former colleagues.

The graduating residents spent the morning delivering their final research presentations to our faculty and their co-residents. In the evening we held our graduation ceremony and reception at the Columbia Tower. It was a terrific send off for graduating residents.

Congratulations to, Drs. Sagar Chawla, William Hannay, Corey Schiffman, Sara Shin, Ryan Stancil, Mario Taylor, Cathy Vu, Jacob Wilkerson! We thank you for your hard work over the past years and look forward to your continued success and contributions to the orthopaedic community.

Additional photos from the 2022 Resident Research Day and Graduation can be found on our Facebook page.

2022 Graduating Class

Dr. Sagar Chawla and Dr. Michael Brage

Dr. William Hannay and Dr. Albert Gee

Dr. Corey Schiffman and Dr. Florence Uno

Dr. Sara Shin and Dr. Lisa Taitsman

Dr. Ryan Stancil and Dr. Stephen Kennedy

Dr. Mario Taylor and Dr. Carlo Belabarba

Dr. Kathy Vu and Dr. Jennifer Bauer

Dr. Ryan Wilkerson and Dr. Sean Nork


Dr. Chip Routt

2022 Graduating Residents