Congratulations! Dr. Matsen's shoulder blog reaches 1 million page views!

Dr. Frederick Matsen, M.D.Congratulations to Dr. Matsen!  His shoulder arthritis and rotator cuff failure blog has reach 1 million page views!

For those that may not know, Dr. Matsen created a blog in February 2011 related to shoulder arthritis and rotator cuff failure.  It has grown to become an international authoritative resource for information on shoulder arthritis.

Check out Dr. Matsen's blog here:

Dr. Matsen shared some insigts with us upon reaching this milestone of 1 million page views.

What got you interested in blogging?

The goal was to provide a freely available dynamic resource of the current information regarding the two most important conditions of the shoulder: arthritis and rotator cuff failure. While many many articles are published each year on these topics, the quality of the presented information is highly variable. The blog attempts to present our best estimate of what is new and what is true. Our review of the literature is further illuminated by illustrative cases from our own practice and information about our approach to the different types of shoulder arthritis and rotator cuff pathology. We are pleased that individuals - surgeons, patients, families, therapists, physicians, and the curious public - from over 100 countries continue to access this information.

How much time would you say per week you spend time posting?

It varies with my other responsibilities, but approximately 3 hours/wk.

What is your blogs audience, Patients/Medical professionals or blended?

It is intended for everyone interested in these common shoulder problems, regardless of how they come to that interest. We do not have data on the audience profile other than their country of origin.

Have you had patients come to you from the blog?

Yes, many appreciate the amount and quality of information shared about the possible treatments available.

What advice would you have for someone interested in starting a medical blog?

It is a responsibility not to be taken lightly. While the blog provides the opportunity to comment on the information that is available, it is important that the commentary be offered in terms of what will best benefit patients who are disabled by these conditions.