April Grand Rounds provides great lecture and discussion on the current state of surgical site infections and efforts to reduce them.

Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Grand Rounds - April 6, 2016

Future Directions and Challenges in Orthopaedic Surgical Site Infections

April 2016's Grand Rounds provided a great lecture and discussion of surgical site infections.

Dr. Alexander Lauder (R4) led off the discussion with the current state of affairs regarding surgical site infections, defining the problems posed by SSIs and their economic impact.  Dr. Lauder covered the impacts of surgical site infections within subspecialties of orthopaedic surgery and provided information on risk factors and current preventive measures.

Dr. Wally Krengel followed and shared infomation on the work he has done at Seattle Children's Hospital using continuous process improvement practices to develop processes and protocols to reduce the rate of SSIs. Dr. Krengel concluded his presentation with a look at the processes and protocols he and his colleagues have employed to successfully reduce the rate of orthopaedic SSIs and took a look ahead at some of the challenges surgeons face in preventing surgical site infections.

Grand Rounds concluded with a presentation by Dr. Shireesha Dhanireddy. Dr. Dhanireddy is an Associate Professor in the Department of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the Medical Director of the Infectious Disease Clinic at Harborview.

Dr. Dhanireddy provided valuable insight on the treatment of post-operative infections from the perspective of an infectious disease expert. Dr. Dhanireddy discussed some of the current and future challenges facing the treatment of drug-resistant infections and closed with preventive measures that can be employed to reduce the rate of orthopaedic SSIs.

Watch April's Grand Rounds - Future Directions and Challenges in Orthopaedic Surgical Site Infections.

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