A Message From the Chair: Residency Program Director Transition

Dear Colleagues,

On September 1, Dr. Christopher Kweon will transition formal directorship of the residency to Dr. Stephen Kennedy. For the last 3+ years, Dr. Kweon has led the residency through some of the most trying times that we have faced. From an unprecedented pandemic, to resident and faculty illness, to the loss of multiple residents, Dr. Kweon has managed to stabilize and move the residency forward with a focus on compliance, education and personal growth.

Specifically, we have had a dramatic reduction in work-hour violations, have continued on a path toward a more diverse and inclusive residency, and through nimble scheduling adjustments we will make it through this period while down two residents in the same class. I thank Dr. Kweon for his leadership on these improvements. In personal conversations with me, Dr. Kweon has expressed his profound thanks for the dedication of all our residents and faculty in achieving these goals.

Serving as the program director is a 24/7 responsibility that will continue to demand more and more from the Program Directo, as well as from the residency and department leadership. Considering these demands, Dr. Kweon wants to shift more of his focus and energies to his clinical practice, and more importantly, to his family. 

Dr. Kennedy has agreed to serve as the new Program Director. Dr. Kennedy has spent years preparing for such an educational leadership position, while earning the respect as a clinician and educator from his colleagues, fellows and residents. Steve has innovative educational ideas to continue to enhance both the educational and personal experience of our residents for the five short years that they are with us. Dr. Kennedy is looking forward to implementing these plans with input from faculty and residents, as well as with the aid of Drs. Taitsman and Iannuzzi, Angela Weiss, and Plinette Sanchez. I am grateful that to aid in this transition, Dr. Kweon has agreed to partner with Dr. Kennedy through the end of this calendar year.

Please join me in thanking Dr. Kweon for his supreme dedication to the residency over the past 3 years, and in welcoming Dr. Kennedy to his new role.