2022 Resident Welcome

The Department of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine held a Meet and Greet last night at the UW Waterfront Activities Center to welcome our new residents.

A break in the rain provided a nice evening for faculty and current residents to meet and get to know our incoming R1s.

New R1s Dr. Christian Shigley and Dr. Suzanna Ohlsen with Dr. Doug Hanel
New R1s. From left to right. Dr. Suhas Dasari, Dr. Christian Shigley, Dr. Bailey Ingalls, Dr. Emily Robinson, Dr. Ikenna Obilor, Dr. Nathan Callender, Dr. Sarah Sarah Bhattacharjee, Dr. Suzanna Ohlsen
New R1s  Dr. Ikenna Obilor, Dr. Suhas Dasari, Dr. Christian Shigley with Dr. Nicholas Iannuzzi
New R1 Dr. Nathan Callender with Dr. Lara Shefelbine R1 and Dr. Kevin Khoo R1
 Dr. Nathan Benner R2 and Dr. Zakkary Walterscheid R4
New R1s.  From left to right. Dr. Christian Shigley, Dr. Ikenna Obilor, Dr. Suhas Dasari, Dr. Suzzana Ohlsen, Dr. Bailey Ingalls, Dr. Sarah Bhattacharjee, Dr. Emily Robinson, Dr. Nathan Callender
Throwin' up some dubs!