Carlos Caso, PA-C

Medical School
MEDEX Northwest, 2002

Carlos Caso is a certified physician assistant who practices orthopedics with the shoulder and elbow team at the UWMC- Roosevelt Clinic and the Eastside Specialty Center. 

He practices under supervising physician, Dr. Winston Warme. He conducts evaluation and treatment of shoulder and elbow conditions with a subspecialty of sports medicine practice such as arthroscopy. 

He has been in orthopedic medicine for 12 years and is a graduate of the University of Washington's physician assistants program.

Patient Care Philosophy

I think that getting to know a patient by establishing rapport and talking to them, then performing a good physical exam is the cornerstone to orthopedic practice; imaging and other studies are important but ancillary.

People appreciate being listened to and like a hands on exam as it gives them confidence that we take the time to show them that we care.

Personal Interests

I enjoy being around my wife and kids, reading history, old school calisthenics and climbing.

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